Thursday, May 26, 2011

Mini Movie Review- The Beaver

As always I try to keep spoilers to a minimum.

I went and saw The Beaver with my wife on Monday. It's supposed to be sort of a comeback for Mel Gibson. Seems to me that Mel has a really big mouth when he is drunk. It also seems to me that his whole career has been somewhat tarnished because of his big mouth. My thoughts?

I don't watch an impressive movie trailer and say afterwards to my wife, "Oh man, he is such a good person, lets go see that movie right away!"

No, like most people I go to see a movie to be entertained, and I suppose sometimes to learn something new. Unless the movie is a biopic, the actor isn't playing him/herself. The actor is portraying someone else.

Obviously, I too have limits, it would be tough for me if the actor was a pedophile in real life. How could I focus on the story, when there is a gross creepy man(or a woman!) on screen pretending to be someone else?

Well back to The Beaver. Mel Gibson, as always is a very good actor. Jodie Foster is also a very good actor. I like the new Chekov from Star Trek, Anton Yelchin in just about everything he is in. He plays Mel Gibson's son in the movie, and they actually look a bit alike.

The movie is dark, darker than I expected anyway. I don't know why, but from the trailers, I thought it would be something different. Not to say I didn't like it, because I did, but I wanted it to be a little happier.

One part I absolutely loathe is a graduation speech at the end. I don't know what it is about graduation speeches in movies, but I almost universally hate them. I recently went to my wife's law school graduation and the speeches at those were NOTHING like the ones in the movie. This isn't the first movie I've seen a graduation speech and I was left thinking, "this is completely ridiculous, who would say this in a graduation speech?"

Don't let a bad graduation speech deter you though.

The Beaver isn't going to blow you away by any means. It's a good reminder that Mel Gibson is in fact a good actor(good person? I don't know him personally so I couldn't answer that.) The movie has some funny moments. I don't think it's a movie you have to rush out to see in theaters, but could make for a good Netflix rental.

3 out of 5 tree stumps

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