Sunday, June 5, 2011

BAD MOVIE POSTER #2 Last But Not Leashed

This poster took me forever, because I had to draw everything in MS Paint.  The logos though, some of those I used courtesy of


Undefeated Scruffy Muttroo is in the dangerous and ultra-competitive dog racing ring.  It's all he has ever known since he was just a pup and his undefeated status is the only thing he treasures.  He is used to the people at the dog pound treating him poorly.   But when Scruffy gets one small taste of freedom during the massive doggy breakout, he beomes determined to escape from dog racing forever.  There's a catch though: for Scruffy's plan to succeed, he will have to come in last place.  Is his dream of being off the leash worth the shame of defeat?

1 comment:

  1. This one is not looking so exotic and powerful. According to me, there are not used any type of technique to make this poster. As the concept and design of this one are also looking poor.

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