Sunday, June 19, 2011

Mini Movie Review- Super 8

Best movie of the year so far.  Might as well call it Super Gr8.  I loved this move so FREAKING much!  It felt a lot like Spielberg's old movies, ET, Close Encounters of the Third Kind, and Goonies (he produced that one).

It was funny, scary, sad, happy.  Sometimes almost all at once.  The music was great, it reminded me of ET.

The child actors in the movie were amazing.  It's funny when I hear people say that child actors can't act, but they definitely can, it's just a matter of getting the best out of them, and good directors do that.  Directors like Spielberg, and now JJ Abrams.

I also liked how the kids in this movie actually looked like regular kids.  Many movies these days have kids that are 3-5 years older than the character they play, and look like they came from a Gap ad.  There's something endearing about kids that have a few flaws.

It's not a perfect movie by any means, but it's definitely a blast.  I think younger kids would be scared if they saw it, there were parts that even made me jump.

Oddly enough, it has nothing to do with the Super 8 Motels.  :)

4.25 Super 8 Motel logos out of 5

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