Sunday, June 26, 2011

DOODLE OF THE WEEK #8 Bud the Duck Stuck in Mud

Bud...Bud.  He isn't very smart.  I found him, the other morning just like this, after he woke me with his loud quacks.  He was somehow stuck in mud.  How did it happen?  I didn't know yet.  I guessed that maybe his feet suctioned and he wasn't strong enough to pull himself free.  I saw him flapping his wings but that failed, too.  A strange thing happened next, or maybe it was just the sleep in my eyes, but I think I saw some other ducks trying to pull him out with a rope.  None of them were strong enough, and they left Bud, abandoned to his spot.


So what did I do next? I did what any reasonable person would.  I pulled him out from the mud.
I expected to be showered with gratitude and thanks, but instead I got a look of horror.  His wide eyes danced all around, the lower part of his beak quivered. I think he thought I was going to eat him.  So I tried to clean him up quick and I let him go.

A few days later I went to investigate this treacherous mud and guess what I found?  Concrete.  Yep, he must have fallen asleep while it was still moist, and then it thickened around him.

Luckily for him, I found him before it dried completely.  Otherwise Bud the Duck would always be stuck.

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