Wednesday, May 18, 2011

How to Create a Terrible Movie Poster

Idioms!  Find lots of Idioms and turn it into something fantastic (sarcasm)!

I have a poster that I am working on, called "Last but not Leash," a pun on the "Last but not Least" idiom.  Pretty easy stuff. 


Not all my titles are based off Idioms, sometimes other common sayings like "Death from Above."  Which is the basis for my Deaf from Above poster.

After titling it, I work on finding good (terrible) slogans.  "He had the voice of an angel... if only he could hear himself sing." Something extra cheesy that you can imagine a narrator saying during a preview.

That all fits with the Deaf from Above poster.  Sometimes I will add other slogans into it that I really liked.

After this, I do a drawing, what I want it to look like, the basic outline.  Here is my example:

Oh yeah, amazing right?
Then I give the drawing to my friend, Brando, who is a pro at Photoshop.  We brainstorm a list of cast members and then he finds the images we need and molds them into the poster.

I've got other groan-worthy posters on the way!  Please check back!

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