Sunday, May 8, 2011


Hello, and welcome to my blog.  I say it's my blog, but really it's more of a creative outlet for me.  I am a middle-grade author currently working on revisions for what I hope to be my first published novel. 

The story I am working on is about a boy that goes on a race with a leprechaun.  It is meant to be a fun book and not to be taken too seriously.

What I hope to do with my blog is entertain you.  I have a few ideas that you can expect to see from me shortly.  First I am going to have what I call CREATURE WORKSHOP, which will probably come about once a month.  You can expect a post for that a little later today. 

I am also going to post, maybe once a month, BAD MOVIE POSTER, which is just a poster that I designed and created, depicting a terrible movie that no one would want to see (at least I'd hope not).  You can expect to see one of these a little later today, too.

So welcome to my blog, enjoy your stay, and check for future updates!

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