Monday, May 9, 2011

What I am Working On

Currently I am waiting to hear back from all my test readers on the first book I will try to get published.  It is titled Leprechauna.  So far the response has been pretty positive from three of my test readers, but I want the book to be as perfect as possible before I start sending it out to Literary Agents, so I have at least one more revision to do.  I have assembled a list of about 70 Literary Agents that fit my criteria.

I have a previous book that I have no intentions of trying to get published titled Refusing the Dawn (No, it's not about Vampires).  It was more of a learning experience, and eventually someday I will do that book justice with a rewrite.  Leprechauna on the other hand has been easy and very fun to write.

While waiting for the feedback on Leprechauna, I am researching for my next project.  Books don't typically end with cliffhangers, so one of the main reasons that writing a series is difficult is because each book has to standalone. 

Yep, this is what I am reading right now

My next novel is about a magical blacksmith hammer (sounds dumber when I say it like that). It's a Middle-grade Fantasy.  So far I am having a good time creating the world for it and such.  Maybe this project will be on shelves at some point?  Gotta hope.

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